The Meaning Of Life: To Defy Life Itself

I’ve been told
“Please don’t become insane.
Don’t lose yourself.
I can’t afford
To lose someone
Who’s head is leveled
Despite their distorted background.

“I can’t imagine you dealing
With that daily.
You may have felt insane
But your head cleared up, didn’t it?”

The answer is yes.
With every happening
I end up clearing something out
And adding something on.
But by no rate
Am I losing the person I need to be.

We are becoming strong people
We are finding our voices,
Living with less limitation,
Basically inhaling grief,
and exhaling the same chemical madness.

We are denying the crossroads
Regretting it
And not realizing
The impact was meant to happen.

Everything is meant to happen.
No matter negative or positive,
Every action has meaning.
We just may not know
What that meaning is.

I was at a Demi Lovato concert.
Midway, she gave a speech about
All the things she has learned
Because of downfall
And breakthrough.

Demi said,
excuse my language,
“My fans are strong-ass motherfuckers.”
I applauded
Like my life depended on it.
Maybe it did.
That was the truest statement
I had ever heard from a celebrity.

Not only are her fans strong,
They are all untouchable.
They have gone through life
With her
And without her.
They stand tall
At Life’s door,
Ring the doorbell
And run.
And when life opens the door
It sees a note that reads
“You can’t bring us down.
We will avoid your flaming red eyes
And breathe fresh air someday
Because we were able to trap you,
Serve you the medicine you gave us.”

The meaning of life,
As I see it,
Is to defy life.
We defy natural forces,
Feed upon the originality,
Entrepreneurial inventory,
Plummet our salary.
That’s how life is made,
In creations that adapt
And improve life.

Defy gravity with high jumps.
Defy bacteria with wipes, soap, and gel
Defy acne with face products
Defy wiring with wireless systems
Defy instinct with morals
Defy bullying with bravery
Defy bankruptcy with loans and business
Defy fat with good eating and fitness
Get the drift?

We evolve with everything we do
Cheer on the people
Who have defied nature
Find our happiness
By experiencing depression

It’s all logic
To invent new things and feelings
It makes us different every day
And creates new paths
That bring us to be amazing people

So yes,
With everything that I go through,
I defy life
While collecting more life to defy
But by no rate
Am I losing the person I need to be.