DE-LI-SHUS!!! tried the strawberry-lemon smoothie as a wake-up drink (yes, i woke at 12 and am NOW drinking something), and it is SOOO good! loved it! ♥ try it if you too have a sweet tooth! Click on this for the recipe!



This is an actual post. Read please!

I love the summer, and hate it at the same time. There’s those times where it is easier to make a fruit smoothie and actually exercise in the summer. Those times where floating in the pool does not just mean you’re dead, but you are relaxing and giving yourself that much-needed me-time.

But on the other hand, there is kids spraying you with sand as they run, heat waves that actually make you want to stay indoors or with an AC, or even the fact that there are spiders crawling around the grass to just ruin your pool experience.

But overall, I guess you just gotta live with it and let the sun be happy. (Make the most of it; crafting and helping the Earth and the people who roam it is an excellent summer must-do.) 😉

Hope you enjoyed! see ya! (And follow this statement, especially this:

(Make the most of it; crafting and helping the Earth and the people who roam it is an excellent summer must-do.) 😉

Because this summer, you SHOULD craft, help the earth, and help people. Later on, the world with thank you. Or, if you’re too excited, make yourselves a nice fruit smoothie as a reward! Healthy always pays off.)

All New Me

More time, More friends, More fights, More different.

So, it’s been almost a year since I left CT. I’ve made more friends, been more and more confused, and now I’ve hit my end point.

So, you know how I’m changing? I’m planning on being completely (physically) different by 6th grade. This is how:

  • Pale skin? No, I’m going tan.
  • Totally? Totes, uttering that new slang.
  • Magazine, news crew, websites, and clothing line? Not any of that. You only get to be a kid once, entreprenuar later.
  • Bold and chic clothes, pink all over, and straight hair one day, curly the next.
  • A news blog? This is now my 24/7 fake Twitter, just to say what I’m about. And I’m starting vlogging when I learn how.
  • So much more, so watch out if you see my popularity growin’!

So, that’s it! Watch out if you see me saying “sittin down w/ my dad, playing video games for 6 hours straight. lol” for an entire blog entry. I’m just letting life go for the first time in a while. Wish me luck.

“say goodbye to the old outside me, and ‘hey’ to the new one. cause ur gonna b seeing a lot mor of this. im maya lucia.”