Turning up?

All previous posts recognized, I’m updating you on my amazing happiness status.

No, I don’t feel amazing. But I feel happier than as you’ve seen.

I’ve made certain breakthroughs and decisions lately that I would’ve never expected before. I’ve finally seen a therapist, told an old friend the truth, been straightforward about my emotions, and actually started caring for myself again. I’ve even stood up to people when necessary. I still have pretty major contemplations on whether I should regret certain actions or not, though. But it’s a work in progress.

Tonight I saw a post on tumblr of a shooting star gif. There were plenty of reblogs that commented what they wished and it coming true. Of course my skeptical side said, “Be logical. They are all just people promoting that first post for the reason of it getting popular and tricking people. You’ll get disappointed if you try.” But instead of listening I told it to shut up and defied it like the rebel I am (pfft). So I wished for something to happen that’ll start the future I’m waiting for and for me to be happy. Hopefully I’ll see results soon like the other commenters. Whether I get worse or better I’ll be excited to encounter anything close to results.

I’m getting to see my friends more and be a little more risky, which I have not regretted. I’ve also zoomed out and viewed the whole landscape. That led me to seeing how many friends I have, why I love them, why they (possibly) love me, and what I need to do to keep that free feeling strong.

I never would’ve expected myself to actually get better. I have always been convinced that my depression would always remain insane and uncured and things would never actually get better for me. I stayed strong and never got myself into unhealthy habits, which I am giving myself a high five for. Now I’m prepared if this is just a phase, but it hasn’t ended yet. Usually it would be over in a day. It has been a few days already.

Wish me good luck and I’ll talk to you soon. I know I’ll find myself somewhere, somehow.


30 Ways to Kick That Bad Mood

Today, you can have a better day.

Whoever wrote that might have had a really life-changing day. Because, no offense to them, I think that the choice of having a better day is only partially in your hands. Sometimes, the people around you can knock you off your feet from the perfect angle and you really can’t think of a positive thing to say. Or you can just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Am I right or am I right?
In those hinted moments where you feel like you are about to explode, self control is everything. Even if nothing works, at least you can have the satisfaction of trying. So here’s a few tips for those, erm, frustrating moments. PS, If you are having that kind of day right now, don’t worry. I won’t explain every little thing.

1. Take deep breaths.
2. Think of a happy place where everything goes (without the shallow effect) your way.
3. Tap your foot or move your body in some way to mellow down the jitters.
4. Make a list of things you are good at.
5. Look at relatable quotes on Instagram, Tumblr, Google Images, etc.
6. Read. No, really.
7. Compliment a stranger.
8. Drink tea.
9. Apologize to someone about something that you did, no matter how long ago it happened.
10. Listen to music that’s about the same situation you’re going through.
11. Write or draw whatever you want, even if you don’t want to.
12. Read terrible yet witty jokes.
13. Work on a puzzle or Wreck-This-Book.
14. Smile for a full minute.
15. Write quotes about how you feel.
16. Play video games.
17. Lean on your elbow and try to make your arm go numb. Then laugh at yourself for trying this one.
18. Take a paper, write a letter to whoever made you mad, and rip it up. (Unless you believe in saving trees. Then forget that I gave people this idea.)
19. Watch TV shows from your childhood.
20. Remember your childhood.
21. Try to find real-life friends on social networks.
22. Don’t speak.
23. Make plans for some other day.
24. Remember how you will be okay in the end.
25. Talk to an adult about their past (happy) memories.
26. Make jewelry.
27. Punch the air.
28. Watch a funny movie. Or sad movie. Or romantic movie. Or a scary– Okay, just watch a movie.
29. Forget everything of #28 except the last sentence and keep reading.
30. Think of your own tips and comment them down below. Then read #1-30 all over again.

Thanks for reading! Comment your own tips to help the next people who read this post. All tips were made up by moi! So yeah. Bye!

Catching Up(:

So… It’s been awhile, huh?

I don’t think I have posted since June. Honestly, I wish I could have been on more.

Although, you can find a lot of me on Instagram (Follow my personal and my how-to account, please!), on YouTube (Subscribe, comment, and rate my videos. PS, I have been doing reviews on there.), and on– Wait, nope. Just Instagram. Otherwise, I’m not really on any social networking sites. But I will probably be posting on here more. I think I have mention these accounts before, but I just wanted to clarify because of a reason that you will see later.

Anyways… This summer was pretty awesome. I made it to 1K followers on Instagram (who are now almost all “ghost followers”), I got over my fear of roller coasters, and squeezed in quite a bit of pool time. I even connected with my best friends all summer long. But now fall is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to do that mental “Current State of the Union” thing we all seem to come across at one point or another. And believe me; there is a LOT that has gone from In to Out and vice versa.

I’ve definitely picked up a healthy, “Tumblr girly”, (and most descriptively) teenager vibe. Even though I’m not quite a teen yet, it is safe to say that’s where my head is at. My health warnings have gone through the roof, and I might as well have a big Nutrition Facts box taped to the back of my head at all times. But it’s not a bad thing to want to keep yourself on the fit side. If you want to see what I mean by “Tumblr girl”, search up Acacia Brinley or Melina Dimambro (ugh, I love them). Or you can look at the pictures on my Instagram account one more time.

Also, I’ve taken an interest in photography and photo editing. Again, my two Instagram accounts kinda explain that for me.

Beauty and nails have become an obsess for me over time. There’s no trouble in trying to look your best, and if my nails aren’t painted they aren’t looking their best Also, my friends Faryal and Mia are both very healthy-skin and nice-hair people, so basically that’s my first influence. When I got braces, because I felt insecure about it, my friend Duiby gave me some beauty tips that actually did help me out. So I do more work on my eyes to take the eye away and then add a pretty lipcolor to top it off. I really have the three of them to personally give credit to.

Oh, and guess what? I’m soon doing bridal show modeling again! I don’t know if I mentioned my past of modeling in earlier posts or not, but I used to model flower girl dresses at bridal expos when I was 8 and 9. I stopped when things started getting complicated, and I never got to pick up where I left off. Now, since I’m like a foot taller, I get to do bridesmaid dresses!

Although there is much to catch up on with other things, especially since 7th grade is bringing on even more complications, all I can say to finish this off is to say that I am very grateful for the 13 people who keep reading and continue to be there for me. I hope to write again (from a new computer because I am moving and will have a different computer to be on) and I will write to you soon. Bye!

I’ve gone crazy…

I’m weird.

Okay there are several weird, little tidbits that happened today that proves I woke up in a parallel universe.

• a few guys in my class were doing garden work
• the popular-ish guy complimented me
• I turned down getting a doughnut
• I turned down going to my aunt’s house so I could do homework
• I finished my homework quickly and easily
• I voluntarily read over 40 pages
• I’m thinking of going to sleep earlier tonight
• I’m eating a lot of healthy food
• I feel really relaxed and not as stressed
• I’m back to wearing more makeup (yay?)
• I was talking a lot with someone I barely knew

So yeah that’s all that is coming to my mind right now. But I guess I just needed a load off my shoulders to feel better. Somehow…

Ok byee 🙂


So here’s the latest update!

  • I got my braces! The colors are pink and green, like a cute watermelon! I just cant wait to get them off…
  • Today was Family Day at my dad’s work, so my sister and I went. The best part was us pranking Dad’s friend’s cubicle with Justin Bieber and boy band posters. It was hilarious! My dad can’t wait to see the look on his friend’s face on Monday!!
  • For lunch, we went to a little shack for seafood. The lobster rolls are so good!!!
  • BTW I just feel so content right now, and I’m just so grateful and happy. I don’t know why. It’s like just a positivity feeling. ❤
  • My friend Mia and I are going to make YouTube videos for beauty and makeup tips. I’m a newbie, and she’s definitely not, so it’ll be fun (I hope)!
  • Please visit a beauty and makeup blog I made recently. It will be updated with posts and videos soon. The link: http://easymeetsbeauty.wordpress.com
  • There is this AWESOME podcast that I’ve been listening to called “The Gravity Falls Gossiper” where they talk about and relate to my favorite show, Gravity Falls. The guys who talk on it, Chris and Eugene, are so funny! I love this podcast so much. This is their Tumblr: http://gfgossiperpodcast.tumblr.com
  • I’ve turned my school lanyard into a collection of souvenirs from different places I’ve been! It’s heavy, and I barely even wear it to school, but it is pretty cool so far! I have souvenirs from Pratt & Whitney (Family Day today), Hot Topic (where I got the lanyard), Cirque Du Soleil (remember??), Cape Cod (family summer vaycay), FAO Schwartz (NYC), my house key, a prezzie from donating to the Boston Marathon Bombing (school collected donations), and my school ID. Pretty good so far! I love having little keepsakes from where I go. Travel is my dream passion.
  • For dinner, we went to this really cool sushi restaurant. The food was amazing, and I really loved it!
  • I found out that Instagram updated, and now you could tag peoples’ faces in the photos! Weird. Yet cool. Hmph. 😛

There must have been other things but I can’t remember anything right now, so that’s all! Bye!


Links Included:

Easy Meets Beauty Blog || WordPress

Gravity Falls Gossiper Podcast || Tumblr

Hi Friendzzz

(lol… Like the title?) ^

Today was a good day 🙂

  • I got a new bike helmet! (Yes, it’s pink.)
  • Dad, my stepmom, and I went for ice cream at Robb’s Farm. The new flavor, Cow Pies, is ironically delicious! 😀
  • I took a nice bike ride down the street and back, which I plan on doing tomorrow too.
  • We went to Starbucks, and I got a really good Frappuccino! I loved seeing all the people at almost every table with their laptops! Good idea, computer geeks! And I’m not kidding!

Anyway, I just wanted to share the happiness with you guys. Nothing too big happened, but (I guess) I felt a daily entry was necessary.

That’s all! Bye!!! 🙂


Links Included:

ROBBS Farm LLC – http://robbsfarm.com

Starbucks Coffee Company – http://www.starbucks.com

Starbuck’s Vanilla Bean Frappuccino – http://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/frappuccino-blended-beverages/vanilla-bean-crème-frappuccino-blended-crème

Redbubble – Gravity Falls case

If you are a Faller (fan of the AWESOME show “Gravity Falls”) then please consider buying an iPhone/iPod Touch case with a design that my dad and I made. It is a twist on a classic Beatles album cover!

We have more product ideas, but that was our first one, and in result I think it was creative and fun. I will receive my own iPod Touch case with this design in the next month. So if you know me personally, feel free to ask to see how it came out.

I have high hopes for my first personalized case. Visit the webpage here.

Thank you. Bye! 🙂

P.S.: Yes, my iPod came back today! I’m very happy to get it back! 😀

Redbubble: http://redbubble.com
My Reddbubble case design: http://www.redbubble.com/people/mayasongs/works/10178712-meet-gravity-falls